Oil Burner
  Pressure Jet Low Air Pressure
Gas Burner
  Monoblock Fully automatic Gas Burner
  Natural Draft Burner
  Furnace Firegas Burner
Dual Fuel
Centrifugal Blowers
  Forced Draught Blowers
 Induced Draught Blowers
Fuel Oil Heating Pumping Filtering Unit
 Oil Heaters - Filters
Burner Control Systems
Sequence Controller &
    Flame Sensors
Oil Burner [Flame Eye]
Gas Burner [Fire Eye]
U V Controller
 Control Panels
 High / Low Flame Controller
Heating & Drying System
Coil Type Boiler Mini Gas Steam Boiler
Electric Steam Boiler
 Hot Air Generators
Multi Gas Cylinder Installation

::: Pressure Jet Burner working with Steam Boiler :::

Pressure Jet Oil Burner, LAP Burner, Automatic Gas Burner, Furnace Fire Gas Burner, Blowers, Heating Pumping Units, Outflow Tank Heaters, Steam Oil Preheaters, Mini Gas Boilers, Gas Cylinder Bank, Hot Air Generators, Automatic Flame Controllers, Oil & Gas Sequence Controllers, Flame Sensors, Conversion of Elect/Oil Operated Machines To Gas Automatic System


   Firegas Burner Working on
   Rotary Furnace Fully
   Automatically with UV Cell &
   High Low Operation
I-THERM was founded in 1990
with a vision to be the leader in
designing and manufacturing
of Industrial Oil and Gas burners,
Heating & Drying System with effective heating system solutions.


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