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::: Monoblock Fully Automatic Gas Burner [ GB Series ] :::

 “Solution for Pollution–Gas”

Monoblock Fully Automatic Gas Burner

Monoblock Fully Automatic Gas Burner

Monoblock Fully Automatic Gas Burner

Burner constitutes of auto ignition-fuel control-flame sensing systems. It comprises of a burner, combustion blower, gas train and an electrical control panel. These burners are
suitable for Natural gas, LPG, Biogas and allied gaseous fuels.
All models are of nozzle mixing type and are available in on/off in smaller range and high/low and PID controlled step less modulation for high capacity.

Working with LPG Gas
 Working with LPG Gas

Working with Natural Gas
 Working with Natural Gas

Salient Features:
Fully Automatic Operation - having builtin safety feature like prepurging facility,
  auto ignition,flame supervision and fuel control system.
Safe and Quiet Working
Highly Reliable and Efficient.
Strong and Robust Construction.
Available in On/Off Models for smaller capacity and Hi/Low or Stepless Modulation
  for Higher capacities.
Models Available upto 20 lacs kcal/hr Heat Output for various gaseous fuel.

Widely Used on

Power Coating Oven Steam Boilers Glass Furnace
Thermic Fluid Heaters Welding Flux Oven Reactors
Hot Water Generator Hot Air Generator Furnaces
Ageing and Curing Ovens Deep Fryers Baking Ovens
Paint Booth Ovens Tumble driers in laundry   Air Heaters
Tray Dryers Annealling Solar Hot Water System
Textile Drying Chambers Tank Heating Systems Tin Printing Ovens


And Many More



Monobloc Fully Automatic Gas Burners – Quantity Regular Production for Exports and
Indian Industries Requirements.

Oil Burner
  Pressure Jet Low Air Pressure
Gas Burner
  Monoblock Fully automatic Gas Burner
  Natural Draft Burner
  Furnace Firegas Burner
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Centrifugal Blowers
  Forced Draught Blowers
 Induced Draught Blowers
Fuel Oil Heating Pumping Filtering Unit

 Oil Heaters - Filters
Burner Control Systems
Sequence Controller &
    Flame Sensors
Oil Burner [Flame Eye]
Gas Burner [Fire Eye]
U V Controller
 Control Panels
 High / Low Flame Controller
Heating & Drying System
Coil Type Boiler Mini Gas Steam Boiler
Electric Steam Boiler
 Hot Air Generators
Multi Gas Cylinder Installation