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Salient Features
Type - Direct and Indirect Design
Fuel Option- Oil/ Gas / Dual Fuel Burner
Fully Automatic - Simple And Safe operation.
Type Of Burner- On/Off. High/Low and Stepless Modulation through PID Control.
Packaged And Compact Model
Robust Construction and Easy Maintenance.

Hot Air Generators

Hot Air Generators

HAG is designed for easy and safe operation.
By mere turn of switch the unit can be put
into operation. Any malfunction is easily and immediately detected and an audio visual alarm system gives a clear cut idea of the fault to the operator for quick rectification.

The system is offered as a package comprising of the main chamber alongwith burner, dilution blower, and the control panel. Thus the commissioning time at site is limited to the fuel, electrical and outlet connection.

Oil Burner
  Pressure Jet Low Air Pressure
Gas Burner
  Monoblock Fully automatic Gas Burner
  Natural Draft Burner
  Furnace Firegas Burner
Dual Fuel
Centrifugal Blowers
  Forced Draught Blowers
 Induced Draught Blowers
Fuel Oil Heating Pumping Filtering Unit

Burner Control Systems
Sequence Controller &
    Flame Sensors
Oil Burner [Flame Eye]
Gas Burner [Fire Eye]
U V Controller
 Control Panels
 High / Low Flame Controller
Heating & Drying System
Coil Type Boiler Mini Gas Steam Boiler
Electric Steam Boiler
 Hot Air Generators
Multi Gas Cylinder Installation
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