air duct gas burners
air duct gas burners

Hi-Therm's Air Duct Gas Burners can be fired Natural Gas, LPG, Biogas and allied gaseous fuels. These burners have a unique design and function. The burner is mounted directly onto the outlet duct of a blower. This process air is being heated and the hot air thus produced is utilized in the system, hence the name Air Duct Gas Burner. The heat produced by the burner is intensively mixed with the process air. The oxygen/air required for combustion is progressively drawn from the process air stream.

Hi-Therm has designed, manufactured and supplied Air Duct Gas Burners across India for various applications, based on the hot air volume and the air temperature desired. The specially designed aeration patterns in the mixing plates ensure progressive mixing, superior cross ignition, reliable flame retention and clean combustion over the full capacity range.

Applications :

These burners are widely used for Grain/Dal and Seed Drying applications. Apart from this, they are also used for low temperature applications, where hot air is required for any process.

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