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Dual Fuel Burner manufacturers

Hi-Therm's Dual Fuel Burners embodies the best of both, Gas burners as well as Oil burners. They work with Biogas, Natural gas, LPG, Furnace oil, and other light & heavy oils. These burners consist of an Auto Switch, which is used for fuel changeover from Oil to Gas or vice versa. The Dual Fuel Burners are most suitable at industries where both types of fuels are available, and usage of both the fuels in a certain proportion gives the highest economical value to the client. Also, for situations where one kind of fuel has exhausted, the alternative fuel can be used to fire the burner, without interrupting the heating process. Right from burners for boilers to other industrial heating processes, Dual Fuel Burner has proven to be a highly functional and unique design.

Hi-Therm has successfully manufactured, supplied and commissioned numerous Dual Fuel Burners across India. It has the acumen to design and manufacture the right burner with the right specifications for client's process's heating requirements.

Features of Dual Fuel Burner:

» It can be fired using Oil as well as Gas
» An Auto Switch is used for fuel changeover from Oil to Gas or vice versa
» Designed for High/Low and On/Off operations
» Compact and Rugged construction, with a proven design which is highly functional
» Simplified Air/Fuel ratio
» Quick response to varying loads
» Easy and simplified maintenance

Dual Fuel Burner comprise of the following:

Industrial Dual Fuel Burner Hitherm Burner Head

Burner Head :
The burner is supplied with a dual gas and oil combustion head, giving the burner the capability of firing on either of the fuels. Its control system to change from one fuel to another is operated by a switch. The oil combustion head is an advanced design of flame plate with accurate adjustment for centering of nozzles and electrodes. The gas combustion head is advanced design utilizing staged mixing and turbulence. A stainless steel convergent flame tube gives accurate flame shape control along with energy saving and axial aerodynamic head loss adjustment.

Industrial Dual Fuel Burner Hitherm Burner Head

Heating Pumping Unit :
An Oil Pumping unit delivers the oil to the Dual Fuel Burner at the preset pressure for the atomization of fuel oil. A heater is incorporated along with circulation system in case of furnace oil application. A filter precedes the pump for the filtering of fuel.

Industrial Dual Fuel Burner Hitherm Burner Head

Gas Train :
A Gas train properly sized for minimum pressure loss comprises of main shut-off ball valve, Gas filters, Gas pressure switch, Secondary Stage pressure regulators, Pressure gauges, Safety gas solenoid valves, Orifice valve and a slow opening motorized gas valve, which works as the gas supply system to the Dual Fuel Burner in set and safe mode.

Electrical Control Panel :
An Electrical Control Panel is pre-wired with the electrical components for the blower, oil pump, etc. The panel consists of the fuel changeover auto switch, which changes the fuel from oil to gas and vice versa. A U V based sequence controller works as the automatic system of the Dual Fuel Burner. A flame failure safety alarm is energized in case of any abnormality of flame. A U V Cell supervises the oil and gas flame and operates the Dual Fuel Burner in safe condition.

Application :

The Dual Fuel Burners can be used more or less on every heating process, where Oil Burners and Gas Burners are used. Some of the applications are listed below :

» Agro Industries
» Chemical & Petrochemical Industries
» Food and Beverages Industries
» Textile Industries
» Dairy Industry
» Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry
» Leather Industry
» Concrete Block Curing

» Battery Manufacturing
» Coir Manufacturing
» Electric Cable Manufacturing
» Paper, Plywood & Thermocol Manufacturing
» Metal Pretreatment Process
» Tea & Tobacco Processing
» Silk & Wool Processing
» Research & Development