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Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchangers

Hi-Therm's Heat Exchanger is available in two types, the Shell and Tube type and the Diesel Fired Coil type. The Shell and Tube type Heat Exchangers take energy from a hot stream and use it to heat a cooler stream. These heat exchangers are the most common type of heat transfer equipment that are used in industries. They consist of a bundle of tubes enclosed in a cylindrical shell. The ends of these tubes are fitted into tube sheets, which separates the shell side fluids and the tube side fluids. Baffles are provided in the shell to direct the fluid flow, and to support the tubes. The assembly of baffles and tubes is held together by support rods and spacers.

Steam Cum Electric Heating Pumping Filtering Units are also available on demand. These are energy saving units which are used in case of steam boiler application. These units have a Steam Oil Pre-heater working in series with an Electric Oil Pre-heater.

Manufacturer of Heat Excahangers

Diesel Fired Coil Type Heat Exchanger

Hi-Therm's Diesel Fired Coil Type Heat Exchanger is designed with an integrated combustion chamber made of mild steel Seamless/ERW boiler tube of adequate size and an accurately designed concentric two start helical coil, which is placed in an insulated shell made of mild steel, ensuring optimum heat transfer.

The photo shown below is a helical coil type three pass Heat Exchanger, constructed with a vertically downward firing automatic diesel burner. In this case, the highly viscous crude oil is kept in circulation with the help of a circulating pump, and the heat is being added to it by the burner.

Hi-Therm has satisfactorily installed & commissioned such Heat Exchangers at ONGC, Ankleshwar, for maintaining the crude oil temperature in pump-able condition.

Manufacturer of Heat Excahangers