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hot air ovens dryers manufactures

Hi-Therm designs,manufactures and supplies hot air oven & dryers , curing and process heating applications.

Hot air ovens are double walled constructed creating air pressurised passage with vertical hot air or cross air flow system for uniform temperature. Hot air ovens & dryers are based on the size and application , oven can be provided with single / double hinged doors and trolleys can be designed on the product application. Proper insulation is done to avoid heat losses and maintain outside ambient temperature Heat could be generated by means of electric or infrared heaters / steam / thermic fluid / oil / gas fired system. Since gaseous fuel provides clean hot air, we can have a direct fired chamber whereas oil fired system should be indirect design.

The photograpgh shown is a curing oven wherein the heating media is GB series monobloc fully automatic gas burner attached to a heat exchanger. The burner runs on LPG / Piped Natural Gas.

The Heat Exchanger is fitted on the top of the oven to generate the heat and pass the same from heat exchanger to heating chamber. The total fuel consumption varies depending upon the size & the working temperature. The construction of the heat exchanger is done from thick gauge SS304.

Gas burner is a fully automatic model having auto ignition , fuel control and flame sensing system. Gas is supplied through a pressure regulator, pressure gauge and stop valve attached to the burner.

A powerful centrifugal circulating fan provides vertical hot air blowing system with effective heat transfer and uniform temperature to the working area.

The control panel shown houses all the electrical drives for the system. Requisite contactor, relays, switches, indicating lamps etc are prewired to operate the circulating blower and the burner. A digital temperature indicator cum controller operates the system fully automatically under safe condition at the set temperature.

Hot air oven is completely assembled and prewired with above operating units to facilitate simple and prompt installation on supply.

Various type and size of Hot air ovens are available to suit industry and its application