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hot water generator mini gas manufacturer
hot water generator mini gas manufacturers

Hi-Therm's Hot Water Generator (MINI Series) is a Gas fired, Steam and Hot Water Generator. These Hot Water Generators come in a Packaged Unit, which comprise of Gas Burner, Boiler, Water Pump, Economizer, Gas Train and Control Panel, all assembled on a compact Skid Mount. Only connections to Water feed, Gas supply, Electric inputs and Steam output are to be made, and the system is ready to use.
Hi-Therm has manufactured and supplied several units of Hot Water Generators across India.

Features of Hot Water Generator (MINI) :

» Fully Automatic Operation, merely turning a switch is required to start the Hot Water Generator. Burner switches on & off to meet fluctuating steam demands and barely requires any attention during normal running. In events failure of water, flame or gas, MINI goes into safety lockout and sounds the alarm.
» Instant Steam within 5-7 minutes of starting
» Strong and Robust construction, made from boiler approved tubes and heavy plates
» Tested for twice the operating pressure, MINI ensures a longer life and better performance
» Safe operation with ISI approved boiler fittings complying safety requirements
» Noiseless working since natural draft burner are used.
» Non IBR No approval required from boiler department.
» Pollution free smokeless combustion
» Maximum steam space, generating high dry steam
» Operated on domestic 230 kV AC supply
» MINI with its large heating surface and effective combustion chamber design ensures high efficiency and low operating cost. Being fully automatic, the burner consumes gas only when steam is required. The rugged and reliable quality of the components minimizes maintenance costs.
» Compact & Elegant looking MINI occupies a space of 2 x 2.5 ft, comparable to a single door refrigerator
» MoDualr control panel with different sections for instruments, gauges wiring and other equipment

Models :

» Mini – I [Steam 30 kg/hr @ 7 kg/sq. cm pressure]
» Mini – II [Steam 50 kg/hr @ 7 kg/sq. cm pressure]
» Mini – III [Hot Water 500 LPH @ 90 deg cent.]
» Mini – IV [Hot Water 1000 LPH @ 90 deg cent.]

Applications of Hot Water Generator (MINI) :

» Garment House for Steam Ironing
» Health Clubs for Steam Bath, Jacuzzi, Swimming pools
» Hotels for Hot Water Usage and Steam Cooking system
» Laboratories for testing purpose
» Small Laundries for washing
» Various Hot process applications

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