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industrial gas burner manufacturers

Hi-Therm's Industrial Gas Burner series can be fired using Natural Gas, LPG, Biogas and allied gaseous fuels. These burners are fully automatic in operation. They are integrated with Auto-ignition, Fuel control and Flame sensing systems which facilitate easy and efficient operation of the burners. These burners have a monobloc construction which is highly robust, and provide a safe and quiet operation. All models are of nozzle mixing type and they are available in On/Off functioning models for lower capacity range and High/Low functioning and PID controlled stepless modualtion models for higher capacity range.

Hi-Therm has been an Industrial Gas Burner manufacturer for more than twenty-five years. It has manufactured and supplied units in India as well as in the Middle-East and the African regions.

Industrial gas burner GB1
Hi-Therm Industrial Gas Burner Model – GB1
industrial gas burner extended flame tume
Burner with Extended Flame tube in SS310 for high temperature application
industrial gas burner cng fired
Burner fired using Natural Gas
industrial gas burner lpg fired
Burner fired using LPG

Features of Industrial Gas Burner :

» Fully automatic operation
» Monobloc and Robust construction
» Auto-ignition, Fuel control and Flame sensing systems for efficient and reliable working
» Facility of Pre-purging to ensure safe ignition

Model Specifications :

Burner Series Min. heat output (kW) Max. heat output (kW)
GB-1 10 30
GB-5 30 60
GB-10 60 100
GB-15 100 150
GB-20 120 200
GB-25 180 250
GB-30 220 300
GB-35 280 350

Industrial Gas Burner comprises of the following :

» Monobloc burner body
» Combustion blower
» Gas Train
» Electrical control panel
» Sequence controller
» High/Low flame controller in higher capacity models
» Ignition rods and Diffuser plate
» Auto-ignition, Fuel control and Flame sensing systems


Industrial Gas Burners have various applications in Industries to provide heat for manufacturing processes. It is also an integral part of heaters and steam generation processes. In commercial area, it is used in bakeries and laundries for heating purposes. A few applications are listed below :

» Powder coating ovens
» Steam boilers
» Glass furnace
» Thermic fluid heaters
» Welding flux ovens
» Reactors
» Hot water generators

» Furnaces
» Hot air generators
» Baking ovens
» Paint booth ovens
» Tumble dryers in Laundry
» Air heaters
» Tray dryers

» Tray dryers
» Annealing
» Solar hot water systems
» Textile drying chambers
» Tank heating systems
» Tin printing ovens
» Ageing and curing ovens

Photos of application in various industries :

Industrial Gas Burner Hitherm GB10 Roaster
Industrial Gas Burner working on Roaster
Industrial Gas Burner Hitherm Coil Type Boiler
Industrial Gas Burner working on Coil
Type Boiler
Industrial Gas Burner Hitherm GB5 Curing Oven
Industrial Gas Burner working on Curing Oven
Industrial Gas Burner Hitherm Smoke Tube Boiler
Gas Burner working on Smoke Tube Boiler
Industrial Gas Burner Hitherm High Temperature-Oven
Gas Burners working on High Temperature Oven
Industrial Gas Burner Hitherm Glass Tube Annealing Conveyorised Oven
Gas Burner working on Glass Tube Annealing
on Conveyorised Oven at 600 Degree Celsius