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Hi-Therm's Non IBR Steam Boilers are Fully Automatic Coil Type Boilers, which provide Instant Steaming. They consist of a Double Helical Coil which makes a number of flue passes, thereby maximizing heat transfer and efficiency. Feed water is pumped in the helical coil, and a Burner is fired vertically downwards in the chamber made through the coil. The boiler employs Hi-Therm's Fully Automatic Industrial Burners, which comes along with a Control Panel. The complete assembly is mounted on a skid platform which is prewired and ready to install. The packaged unit is commissioned once the fuel line and the power supply is connected to the system.

Features of Non IBR Steam Boiler :

» Provides instantaneous Steam
» Can be fired using any of our Industrial Burners, be it Oil, Gas or Dual Fuel models, as per client's requirement
» Flue gas passes are designed accordingly, to achieve high thermal efficiency and lower fuel costs
» Economizer and Heat Recovery mechanisms are implemented
» Packaged assembly for quick commissioning of the boiler
» No requirement of a certified boiler attendant, as it is outside the purview of Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR)

After complete combustion of the Burner, the flue gas passes through a suitably designed passage in between two coils, followed by a third pass of coil and inner shell. Heat recovery is done by using the preheated air passing through inner and outer shells, for combustion of the Burner, thus improving Burner efficiency. Aluminum radiators are placed between the shells, which eliminates the heat loss to atmosphere, thus eliminating the external insulation. The mechanism of economizer – feed water heating through flue gases is also a part of supply to enhance the overall Thermal Efficiency.

Hi-Therm has successfully manufactured, supplied and commissioned, various models of Non IBR Steam Boilers, to several clients across India. These boilers are available with a steam generating capacity ranging from 100 kg/hour upto 800 kg/hour. Wood Fired Boiler and Coal Fired Boiler models are also available.

PI Diagram of Steam Hot Water Coil Type Boiler
500 kg furnace oil operated steam boiler with indian burner
Steam Boiler With Imported Burner
Wood Fired Boiler 600 kg hr 2 Pass SIB Design
PRS Wood Fired Boiler
Wood Fired Boiler 600 kg hr SIB Design Single Pass