solar hot water system

Energy Can Be Changed From One Form To Another, But It Can’t Be Created or Destroyed.

Solar Energy is the only future hope for a Cleaner and Reliable Energy

India is endowed with rich Natural Solar Energy Resource that People Can Use Which Is Freely Available, Ever Lasting, Environment friendly.
SUN … Gives Us Light and Emits Heat.
This Natural Resource Has Been Overlooked By Us Till Date
Because Of Wrong Engineering Of Few Technocrats ..
Undoubtedly,The Efficient Methods To Generate Hot Water Is To Install Multiple Flat Plate Solar Collector Panels. But It Also Has The Following Disadvantages Compelling The Buyer For Not Installing It Despite The Indian Government Extending Full Co-operation & The 30% Subsidy On Its Installation Cost .
➣ It Occupies Lots Of Space Which Is A Big Question To The Buyer.
➣ It Also Demands Huge Investment Which When Compared To The Return Outputs Is Very Low.
➣ Lots Of Inter-Connecting Piping Increasing The Chances Of Leakages Which Leads To Corrosion Thus The Necessity For The Replacement & Regular Cleaning Of Multiple Panel Is A Must Increasing The Maintenance Cost.

A Basic Technology Of Power Of A Black Body Absorption Of Heat Energy In An Enclosed Airless Chamber Gives Us A Good Amount Of Transferable Energy … To Generate Hot Water .. Hot Air .. Electric Power .. Etc.

T O D A Y …

When The Cost Of Man Made Energy Like Fuel Oils , Gas ,Electricity Is Shooting High .. Making It Unaffordable .. Also To Note Here That ” THIS ENERGY IS NOT GOING TO LAST FOREVER”
And so, we at Hi-Therm offer Solar Hot Water System with Back-up System.