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 torch gas burner Manufacturers

Hi-Therm's Torch Gas Burners are simple and strong torch type burners, employing forced air through an air compressor or a forced draft blower along with low pressure gas. The burner head of these burners have a highly robust, Cast Iron construction and the correct flame is achieved through an air injector assembly, a gas intake nozzle rod and air/gas control valves. The flame thus delivered by these burners have a strong centre blue luminous and a high intensity flame, which makes it highly versatile for various kinds of industrial applications.

Applications of Torch Gas Burners vary from industrial uses such as gold melting, aluminium billet heating furnaces, tank heating, to being used at hotels and other commercial sector areas for different heating purposes. These burners have a very low gas consumption, which ranges from 0.5 kg/hour upto 2 kg/hour. The flame length achieved by these burners when working on forced air is upto 2 feets long.

Hi-Therm has manufactured and supplied Torch Gas Burners for many different uses, with an economic and a proven performance record with its clients all over India.

Photograph shown above displays the Air-In Torch Gas Burner working on forced air wherein a flame length of approx 1.5-2 ft is achieved.

Torch Gas Burner